Martin Pieters

Martin has been hunting professionally in Zimbabwe since 1993, he has hunted extensively in Botswana for 10 years and throughout all the major concessions in Zimbabwe. His passion is for dangerous game with a focus on elephant, Martin has won several awards including ‘ best PH in Zimbabwe’ , he has had the pleasure of guiding many hundreds of clients on their quest for African trophies. Martin is the owner of Martin Pieters Safaris and prides himself in ethical fair chase hunting, he resides in Bulawayo with his wife Candy, his daughter Camryn and his son Jason, all of whom are avid hunters., he is a life member of SCI and is currently the chairman of the Zimbabwe professional hunters and guides association.


Pierre Hundermark

Pierre is one of Martin Pieters Safaris long term PH’s having hunted almost exclusively in the Omay for the last several years, his knowledge of the local fauna and flora is uncanny. Pierre is most at home in the nooks and crannies of the vast expanses of the ¬†Omay, his local knowledge is a bonus , his enthusiasm is contagious and his professionalism is unwavering.


Bruce Cronje

Bruce is one of the companies main PH’s, having hunted extensively in the Omay, his knowledge of the area is second to none. His main passion is cats, having trained under Wayne Grant ( author of ‘ into the thorns’ ), Bruce prides himself in his ability to take cats under difficult conditions. Bruce has hunted all of Martin Pieters Safari areas for the last several years and has the utmost respect for the environment and the wildlife within.


Dalton Tink

Dalton is one of the newest fully licensed PH’s in the Martin Pieters Safaris contingency, having spent the last 5 years in the Omay, his knowledge of the area is undoubtedly underrated. His enthusiasm, ‘ go getter’ attitude and ‘ pit bull ‘ mindset is an attribute hard to duplicate, hunters looking to have an authentic African experience in one of the last wilderness areas would enjoy his company.


Allen Moody

Allen has been hunting the Omay for the last 15 years, he is an asset not only as one of the companies main PH’s, but in his ¬†general day to day running of the concession. Allen is a hard working professional hunter that prides himself in his ‘ no nonsense ‘ approach to dangerous game hunting. Experience in the field is one of the many reasons he is sought after as a hunter, his wit, humour and enthusiasm make him a joy to be around.