Big game hunting in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, the jewel of southern Africa, is a small landlocked country discreetly nestled between Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia , South Africa and Namibia .

With some of the most rugged terrain stretching form the Zambezi valley in the north to the low veld in the south, with massive stretches of remote dangerous game habitat, Zimbabwe is the number one big game hunting destination. Martin Pieters Safaris is fortunate enough to exclusively operate several large concessions.

One of our permanent camps lies on the shores of lake Kariba, the largest man made lake in the world, with herds of buffalo, abundant lion leopard, the finest crocodile and hippo hunting available and select plains game this is undoubtedly one of the finest areas available for Zimbabwe big game hunting.

We offer plains game hunts for select species in our SE low veld camp as    well as full bag safaris in the Zambezi Valley and Matetsi. Our most popular big game safari is our combination buffalo leopard hunt where we have over the years had one of the highest success rates on quality trophies. Our areas and professional hunters have won several awards both within our country and internationally and we are recognised as leaders in the safari industry for big game hunting in Zimbabwe.

The hunting season in Zimbabwe for dangerous game runs from March through November with prime time for most big game varying from area to area.

May, June and July are considered the better months for cat hunting whist early and late season elephant hunters are the most fortunate, taking exceptional trophy bulls with heavy ivory. Although there is no ” best ‘ date for big game hunting in Zimbabwe, hunters that are after a specific specie can discuss the most successful months for their desired trophy.

Zimbabwe is one of the safest countries for hunters to travel to, with duly flights into several major cities including Victoria falls. Road transfers to our big game hunting areas are most common although there is an option to charter private aircraft to some of the more remote hunting areas.

Many hunters believe that they should start with a plains game safari, I tend to advise otherwise, hunt the wilds of  Zimbabwe for big game, hunt with some of Zimbabwe’s finest professional hunters, let us be by your side in your quest for Africa’s treasures.

Contact us at Martin Pieters safaris for your next big game safari in Zimbabwe, let the true professionals tailor make your dream hunt, don’t wait..get on a plane now.