You unlock your gun safe and take out your trusty .300, veteran of several hunts and as accurate as they get… wipe your fingerprints off the barrel lest your ‘ precious ‘ gets rusty , as you wipe her down slowly, your mind goes back to the last time you were in Africa, to the sunsets, the whoop of the hyena and the call of the African fish eagle…to the dusty roads, the sweat, the flies and the large leopard track you saw on your last day of your hunt………

One of the most sought after destinations in Africa for quality leopard is the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe, Martin Pieters safaris is fortunate to have one of the these areas…..the Bubiana Wildlife area. Protected by a range of granite hills and nestled discreetly between the bubye and bubiana rivers, this hunting concession boasts one of the highest percentage success rates for big Toms.

Since 1991, Martin Pieters safaris has hunted in the Bubiana Wildlife area, the company professional hunters know the ” ins and outs’ of the concession as well as where your next big cat will come from. Buffalo, elephant, hippo and crocodile complete the experience as you live your dream in this beautiful section of Africa.

With a luxury lodge, abundant plains game and dedicated staff, Martin Pieters Safaris will make your leopard dream come true.

Along with this prime leopard area, Martin Pieters Safaris offers you a dream hunt in it’s flag ship concession, the Omay. This 2 million acre dangerous game haven is situated on the shores of one of the largest man made lakes in the world, lake Kariba.

Surrounded by the famous Matusadonna national park and tucked away on the upper reaches of the Ume river, your big game hunt just got real. Famous for its large populations of buffalo, lion, leopard and elephant and some of the highest quantities of hippo and croc, there is no better free range big game concession in Zimbabwe. The Omay also has an excellent reputation for producing big leopard. So next time you have leopard dreams, next time you long to taste the freedom of a big game safari, look no further than Martin Pieters Safaris.

Call, email and let Martin Pieters tailor a safari in one of its prime, free range concessions.

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