Hunting in Zimbabwe

When you think of Africa, what comes to your mind……lush plains,flowing rivers,animal migrations……big cats, safari lodges and kitted game drive vehicles, visions conjured up by numerous wildlife documentaries, dvd’s showing exclusive photographic safaris with discerning clientele being pampered by attentive staff…….yes the scenes shown to us make us believe that all is well in Africa. Thats all very well, but realistically, Africa is not all about the above, there are many, many areas that have limited land use options, this is based on rainfall, wildlife numbers, accessibility and terrain. Most of these ‘ forgotten areas ‘ are not good enough for the photographic companies, no one wants to invest in the unknown, return on investment would be negative……, so what happens……

Enter the safari operator,professional hunter and dedicated wildlife enthusiast……the client. Countless millions of dollars are poured into these areas annually throughout Africa by true conservationists, people who care about the preservation of our species for future generations. One such area ( and there are many ) is the Omay, Nyaminyami RDC, operated by Martin Pieters Safaris,

For many years we have poured hunters dollars into this remote area, educating communities, conducting anti poaching actives, reintroduction and relocation of wildlife , construction of clinics and schools…… 9 years down the road, what do we have…….an area renowned for big game, a community that is happy and a generation that focuses on wildlife conservation and not poaching activities.

In 2014, African conservancies was born and plans for the Ume River Conservancy were laid on the table, further cementing the relationship between dedicated safari operators and the community, allowing them to be directly involved in wildlife based decisions. Plans are currently underway with approval from local government to create a large remote conservancy where sustainable off take of certain species will form the back bone of wildlife conservation. 2 years down the road, we are already seeing the results as populations of several species are increasing whilst poaching activities are decreasing.

There is a lot to be done, but by taking these positive steps, by involving the local residents, by making use of these ‘ remote and forgotten areas ‘, areas that are unsuitable for the typical pampered photo safari enthusiast……we will continue to turn them into areas teeming with wildlife, an area to be proud of……thank you to our hunters.

Next time you are stuck in traffic, have a delayed flight or are shovelling snow off your porch…..close your eyes, dream of Africa, there is no better time to come hunting in Zimbabwe than today.

Our efforts today will be enjoyed by our children of tomorrow.