In the shadows, you wait… as silent and as quiet as the dark night……this is what it is all about sitting motionless a mere 60 yards from your bait, waiting for your chance, knowing that even though you have done everything right, he still might not come, that is leopard hunting!

For 2 nights he has fed on the bait, drank from the sweet spring and disappeared, for 2 days you have planned this moment, making sure that your set up is perfect, years of experience have allowed you to make sure of this. You have chosen your spot perfectly, your brush blind is discreetly tucked away behind a large termite mound, your view of the bait tree is unimpeded.

Out of the shadows he appears, his pads make no noise as he approaches, moving fluidly he effortlessly leaps into the rain tree and stares into the dark night, ever aware his surroundings.

2 consecutive nights and 2 magnificent leopard are in the salt, years of dedicating time and money in protecting this unique area in northern Zimbabwe has allowed Martin Pieters safaris to consistently take some of the best leopard in Zimbabwe. With one of the highest success rates in Southern Africa on big toms, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that our hunters dollars make this area what it is today.

This massive dangerous game concession allows you to experience Africa in a unique way, 2 million acres of rugged terrain, a man made lake that is one of the largest in the world and dedicated professional hunters make your safari everything your ever wanted.

Bob and Andre are as equally excited as we are with 2 beautiful toms in the salt.

Another 2 leopard in the first 2 weeks of May in our northern concession on lake kariba, Zimbabwe.

When you are choosing your next spot to go leopard hunting , when you are ready to sit in the shadows and test yourself against the cunning of the African leopard, email Martin Pieters safaris