Buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe

One of the most amazing feelings you can get as a hunter is to be crawling on your hands and knees a mere 30 yards from a large herd of feeding buffalo, the dust gives you cover and the noise that comes 1200 pounding feet drowns out your movements.  Ever wary, the lead cow often pauses for long motionless moments, staring intently from where they have come from, ever alert for the possible presence of danger.

As one, the herd feeds upwind, making their way slowly towards the sweet water and grass covered banks of lake Kariba.

Often the old bulls follow at a distance, signally or in groups of dagga boys, these massive hard bossed bulls bring up the rear and are always ready to protect the herd should predators try their luck. Buffalo hunting  has always been one of the most challenging of the big 5 but despite this, it has been and remains the most sought after big game trophy in Africa. Buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe is conducted on private land and in large big game concessions from the south of Zimbabwe to the Zambezi Valley. Martin Pieters Safaris has a 2 million acres  remote, rugged concession in the Zambezi valley and a big game paradise in the famous Matetsi area near Victoria falls and can boast some of the most intense, challenging and rewarding buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe today.

Martin Pieters safaris offers short buffalo hunts and combination buffalo and leopard and buffalo and lion and can tailor make a safari package to suit your requirements. Our most popular safari is the 10 day buffalo and plains game safari where we offer a buffalo hunt in our Zambezi valley concession and plains game in our game rich area in the south of Zimbabwe. These combo packages have become extremely sought after and highly successful.

When you are ready to experience the thrill of the hunt, ready to test yourself against the cunningness of the cape buffalo, ready to face your adversary, contact Martin Pieters safaris, www.martinpieterssafaris.com for a no obligation safari quote.

When it comes to heart pounding action, nothing compares to buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe.