Hunting in Zimbabwe

Where to go……..a tough choice to make with all the shows, flashy brochures and instant chats on hunting forums, who can I trust, who shall I listen too?

When they say there is no substitute for experience, they mean it,with over 50 % return clientele and a dedicated team from office staff to anti poaching teams we at Martin Pieters Safaris are waiting for you

Zimbabwe, with its legendary professional hunters , has a strict 2 year minimum apprenticeship and a series of exams designed to test a young hunters ethics, morals and skills  is ranked amongst the top destination in Africa when it comes to both big game hunting and plains game hunting. It offers the discerning hunter opportunities to hunt in large remote concessions as well as smaller plains game areas.

Hunting in Zimbabwe is governed by the national parks and wildlife authority who sets a very high standard when it comes to professionalism.  Hunts are accompanied by rangers and records are kept for each area for future quota setting meetings. Dangerous game hunting in Zimbabwe’s zambezi valley is a ‘ must go to destination’ with rugged terrain and massive areas, Martin Pieters Safaris owns and operates a 2 million acres big game concession on the shores of lake kariba and has been hunting in Zimbabwe for over 20 years. With some of the finest professional hunters in the industry, we are well set to give you a safari of a life time. From massive cape buffalo to huge leopard, we back ourselves as one of the leaders in game conservation and selective off take. It is not too late to book your flight, from short 5 days safaris to full bag big 4 hunts we have it all.

Single specie safaris or multiple bag hunts, call us.

Contact us on for a quote for your next African trophy hunt…. when it comes to hunting in Zimbabwe  we are there for you…….one life ….live it