Leopard hunts

” I have been on several safaris and never shot a leopard “…….those were the words of Fernando on booking is sixth African safari for leopard. He did not mention who he had hunted with or where, just that he was ‘ unlucky, unfortunate and I believe the words were ……cursed”.

Fernando wanted a leopard hunt with maximum success, after extensive research,he chose Martin Pieters safaris and booked to hunt our Omay concession for his June 2015 safari . Not only have we hunted with many Spanish clients and have a proven track record, we are known to be ahead of our peers when it comes to providing world class dangerous game safaris.  We have experienced unparalleled success when it comes to big cats, and 2015 has been no exception with 8 huge toms in the salt.

Day 12 in one of the remote ‘ corners ‘ of the Omay, this magnificent tom was taken, a fine shot from Fernando’s .375 and he had his dream. On top of his beautiful leopard,Fernando also took buffalo and select plains game species, and in his own words ‘ this trip was like no other…….a world class, traditional leopard hunt’

There are a few factors one needs to take into consideration when booking your leopard hunt, these are in no particular order, area, safari operator, professional hunter, reputation and track record. At Martin pieters Safaris, our goal is to put you onto your trophy, we go the extra mile to ensure your leopard hunt is successful. From rustic camps in remote areas, to top class professional hunters and staff, we are recognised as the leaders in big game hunting safaris in Zimbabwe.

Do not hesitate to contact us on www.martinpieterssafaris.com for a no obligation quote and a list of references from all corners of the world.

Choose your next ‘ spot’ carefully for your leopard hunt, choose Martin Pieters safaris.