Zimbabwe hunting

It comes as no surprise that Zimbabwe has been and continues to be one of the leaders in hunting safaris in Africa. Positive dialogue between national parks authorities and safari operators  over the last several years has led to an increase in wildlife numbers in various areas. Martin Pieters safaris operates one such area, the Omay campfire area in the zambezi valley. Years of monitoring game populations, careful quota management and a dedicated anti poaching unit combined with a joint effort with national parks and MAPP have enabled us to become one of the top destinations for big game hunting safaris in Zimbabwe.

When looking for a Zimbabwe hunting destination, be it for elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, or a select plains game safari, look no further than Martin Pieters safaris.

We have dedicated professional hunters, select staff and several exclusive hunting concessions! From tented camps to luxury lodges, we cater for hard core hunters to family safaris.

We personally tailor make your Zimbabwe hunting trip and make it our priority to ensure your next big game safari is not only successful, but memorable.

It is no small secret that we have won several awards over the years for quality trophies, our success rate on leopard hunts is renowned and our hippo and crocodile packages in lake kariba are known to produce some of the largest crocodile in Zimbabwe as well as monster hippo.

If you are looking for an intense tusk less elephant hunt, a hard core buffalo safari in a remote rugged concession or a top quality highly successful leopard hunt, contact us for a no obligation quote and tailor made package.

I cannot say enough about Zimbabwe hunting, it is pure and it is real.

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